Hot - Chilled water tank

Presently, the installation of hot-chilled water tanks in buildings, homes or other industrial areas are widely accepted. There are numerous benefits which can be derived from hot-chilled water tanks, whether it be for the purpose of agricultural use, consumption in the home or use in industrial works. The source of energy which is used to power the system is derived from electrical energy, solar energy or energy which is a result of other manufacturing or production processes. Our hot-chilled water tanks are manufactured by skilled workers, with the use of modern technology, as well as high quality materials. You can therefore be assured that the quality of Thai Saeng Huat ‘s water tanks will be at the forefront of the hot-chilled water tank

Standard Features

  • Electric heating system
  • Solar cell heating system
  • Air compressor heating system
  • Other option heating system
  • Expert team

    More than 50 years of experiences

  • Hi-Tech

    Top of the class machine

  • Premium materials

    High material grade

Technical data

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