Thai Saeng Huat provides the service of cutting, bending, rolling, pressing and welding metal in accordance with your needs, as well as services related to manufacturing the tank’s components and the assembly of the metal pieces with the use of hydraulic machines. The custom-made products are manufactured by skilled technicians with over 50 years of experience in this industry.

At present, the number of customers who utilize our above-mentioned services is increasing rapidly, whether it be manufacturing services related to specific component materials or made-to-order products which are manufactured in accordance with the customer’s needs. We are proud that our customers place their trust in us to manufacture their component materials. We give you our word that we will continue to develop our products to match the trust which you have given to us

Additionally, Thai Saeng Huat also has excellent after-sales services. We would be happy to provide repair and maintenance services for defective products without any additional costs.*


"Excellent products and services"

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